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Aidan Stotz
4 1/2 years old at diagnosis
Lindenhurst , IL, USA
Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago

When Aidan was around 4 he started developing tummy aches. We took him several times to the pediatrician and even once to the ER. His symptoms always presented similarly to acid reflux and he was diagnosed as such. His tummy aches weren't crippling nor were they constant. They would be severe for a few minutes, and then go away as quickly as they came. Still feeling like something was "off", our pediatrician sent him to a pediatric Gastro doctor, who within minutes of examining him, felt something in his abdomen. We were immediately asked to go downstairs to get a CT to take a look inside. We weren't that alarmed, more annoyed that we had to stay there longer. I had just given birth and I didn't pack enough newbie diapers for our daughter. After the scan they still wouldn't let us leave. At this point I started to worry. (I can't believe it took me this long before I freaked!!) We went back upstairs to the doctor’s office, were quickly ushered in, and met with grave findings. He told us he suspected "Neuroblastoma" and that our oncologist was coming (I asked what that was!) and that our surgeon, and pediatrician would be there shortly. We had a surgeon and an oncologist??

After a week of testing, Aidan was officially diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Knowing we would require a stem cell transplant, they transferred our care to Children's Memorial in Chicago. There we spent one full year in treatment. 6 rounds of chemo, 8-hour tumor resection, triple-tandem stem cell transplant, 16 sessions of abdominal radiation, and 6 months of Accutane.

Since then, we have played 3 seasons of soccer, 2 seasons of floor hockey, completed 1st grade, and is almost done with 2nd. He has been NED since June 2007.

Aidan loves to read, play video games, and chase his sister around the house. We are incredibly blessed.

Aidan's blog is at:     

(Video with Aiden and Chicago Bulls, Joakim Noah, to promote Chicago Dance Marathon)

Aidan was the 2009 Children's Miracle Network Champion Child for the State of Illinois. We got to go to Florida with Miss America and county singer Mark Wills, and travel to the White House and meet President Obama. We have spoken at many events for the hospital. Aidan has spoken many times too. He is getting ready to shave his head next month for St. Baldrick's Day.