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Dennis (DJ) R.
01/00 - 05/07/10
6 years old at diagnosis
Massachusetts USA
Childerens Hospital of Boston, MA, Phoenix Childrens Hospital,  AZ, and Wilford Hall Medical Center, San Antonio, TX

DJ is a fun, gentle, and loving 10 year old boy. His best friends are his four brothers and sisters. He loves to fill his days with origami, legos, and bionicles. He enjoys listening to Bob Marley and dances a very fine Cha Cha slide. He has an excellent memory and fills it with many facts that he finds from the countless books he reads. DJ recently earned his Bear badge in the Cub Scout program. enjoys camping and will sometimes sleep in his sleeping bag while inpatient at the hospital. He collects key chains, tape, and Disney pins. He plans on being an anesthesiologist when he grows up.
DJ was diagnosed with stage IV Neuroblastoma February 2006. As a kindergartener, he complained of leg pains one day so his mother first suspected growing pains. A day later he refused to walk so he was taken to the doctor. An MRI confirmed his parent’s worst nightmares. DJ was treated at Phoenix Children’s Hospital with 6 rounds of inpatient chemo, surgery to remove the tumor, autologous stem cell transplant, radiation, and retinoic acid. He was declared No Evidence of Disease (NED) in December 2006.
DJ was followed at Wilford Hall Medical Center through the fall 2007 suspicious spots were seen on his scans. The MIBG scan showed no signs of recurrence until August 2008. Since August 2008 DJ has been receiving further care at Children’s Hospital of Boston through the Jimmy Fund.

Update from DJ's Blog May 8th 2010

With broken hearts, we want our friends and family to know that DJ's sweet strong spirit left his earthly body tonight at 8:03 pm Eastern time. We take comfort in the knowledge that he is free of his cancer-stricken body and that Heaven has welcomed home a new warrior. His amazing spirit is permeating our home and soothing us. How blessed we are to be his parents and family.

With Love,
The DJ's Family