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Keagen Koch
11/30/06 - 04/28/09
21 months old at diagnosis
Reedsburg, WI USA
American Family Children’s Hospital of Madison, WI

My sons name is Keagen Koch, but we call him Mighty Keagen. 

When Keagen was diagnosed, he had a large belly and diarrhea, which let to a CT scan showing a large tumor behind his lungs.  He was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma.

Keagen went through 6 rounds of chemotherapy, multiple line placements, and blood infections. He underwent many surgeries, and a stem cell transplant. 

Keagen passed away during his stem cell transplant from a blood infection that led to respiratory failure, and eventually caused his lungs to hemorrhage. 

He was born November 30, 2006 and passed away April 28, 2009 on our wedding anniversary. 

He loved to play with balls and balloons more than anything in the world.

Keagen touched so many people, and fought like a champ. I am proud to be called his mother.

View the slideshow in honor of Keagen’s life here: