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Sabrina Cox
3 1/2 months old at diagnosis
Farmington , MN USA
Minneapolis Children's Hospital

Sabrina started sweating excessively around 2 1/2 months old. We knew this wasn't normal so we brought her in to the doctor around 3 months old. After 2 weeks of blood tests, X-Rays, heart monitors and a heart echoes, we were finally sent for a CT scan of her chest, abdomen and pelvis. We will never forget when the doctor came into her recovery room and told us there was an abnormality and that the oncologist would be down to talk to us. We were fortunate that they admitted her to the hospital because 2 nights later her little heart was beating 230 beats per minute and it wouldn't slow down. She was rushed to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and they sedated her and gave her a breathing tube and lots of IVs. After a bone scan, MIBG and an MRI, we were so happy to hear that her disease had not spread. She only had the one tumor between her heart and her spinal column. The following Thursday she was wheeled in for a 3 1/2 hour surgery to remove her tumor and take a sample of bone marrow. Her tumor was completely removed and her bone marrow came back normal. After a few days in the hospital she was free to come home to her 2 older sisters and her twin sister on their 4 month birthday. It was so hard on our family watching our little girl go through this. Her oldest sister had just turned 5 and was celebrating her birthday during this time and we had to try to keep life as normal as possible for our other 3 daughters. It was hard to have an infant in the hospital and her twin at parents we felt torn to be at two places. Sabrina is now a happy and healthy 1 year old. She has been a little behind in her gross and fine motor skills due to weak muscles, but she is catching up nicely. She enjoys Elmo and Dora and loves to sing along with them. She loves touch and feel books, but also enjoys eating them so we need to be careful. She is learning to walk, but enjoys crawling better. She loves to get in trouble with her twin whether it is emptying our linen closet or messing with the TV. We enjoy every moment with her!