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Sean Hanson
11 months old at diagnosis
Marstons Mills, Cape Cod, MA, USA
MSKCC, Boston Children's/DFCI

Sean's cancer was discovered at a routine check up when he was 11mo. old.  

We were referred to Boston's Mass General Hospital and consulted with Boston Children's/DFCI and were told that his 10 x10cm tumor was inoperable as it also infiltrated the spinal column.

 We took him to MSKCC in NYC for a second opinion, and found that Dr. Michael LaQuaglia felt that he could operate, and also that Sean could stop chemo.  He received only one round of chemo at diagnosis.  

On 10/10/03 he had an incomplete resection followed by frequent scanning and a "wait and see" approach due to his favorable age/biology of the tumor.  

Sean had a second surgery in 2006 to repair his ureter and take care of a reflux issue.  

He is now a happy healthy 8 year old enjoying 2nd grade with his triplet sisters, Kathleen and Heather.  He also has an older brother, Scott, and an older sister Tiffany.  

Sean is an art enthusiast and loves to draw and paint.  He also likes nature and all things beautiful.  He can usually be found playing outside with his siblings.